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What Molly Rose Teuke is listening to

Molly Rose Teuke with Canadian Brass
Molly Rose Teuke with Canadian Brass

Hi, it’s Molly Rose Teuke, Thursday host of Morning Classics.

When I did my first gig on WXPR, back on March 13, 2014 (but who’s counting), I didn’t know hosting would become a highlight of my life, more fun and more rewarding than I ever imagined.

I don’t make music, but I sure enjoy playing the music others have made. My heart is in classical — it’s what I grew up with — and yet I like classic music of many genres. I’ve subbed on Jazz, Country Legends, and Crossroads Café (back when it was Your Favorites), and have even co-hosted on Blues during membership drives.

Whatever I’m listening to, it’s better when it’s live. My favorite live music in 2022 was a performance by Canadian Brass at the Door Community Auditorium. They have a blast on-stage and make sure everyone in the audience does, too. For me, they’re the rock stars of classical.

Their founder is a native of Rhinelander, a fact I’ve often pointed out on my show. What a kick to actually meet and visit with him, and be able to tell him how often I play their music. I also got an answer, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, to the $64,000 question: Is it “the Canadian Brass,” or simply “Canadian Brass?” It’s the latter — but I still slip up once in a while.

Thanks for listening and thanks for supporting community radio.

You can hear Molly Rose as a host on Thursday's Midday Classics.
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