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Northwoods women spread positivity while they share the uniqueness the area has to offer

Joy N Megan 2.jpg
Katie Thoresen
Megan and Joy get ready to go live from Wolf's Den Bar and Grill in Mercer.

The Northwoods is full of unique places visits and fun things to do.

And it never hurts to do them with a little positivity.

That’s the message two Northwoods women are trying to share on social media are they travel around the area.

Sitting at a table alongside the windows overlooking San Domingo Lake in Mercer, Joy Kohegyi and Megan Heyen go over what they’re planning to say.

For this Facebook live, Joy and Megan are at the Wolf’s Den Bar and Grill.

After a few practice runs, they’re ready to go.

Megan’s mom Mary Jo gives a countdown and they’re live.

Joy N Megan 1.jpg
Katie Thoresen
Joy and Megan get ready to go live.

The pair talk about big events happening in the Iron and Vilas County area this summer, ones Joy and Megan will be making an appearance at, the new t-shirts they’re selling, and then they sign off with Megan’s classic message.

“Be nice. Be Kind,” said Megan.

Megan and her family had move up north from southern Wisconsin in 2020.

Megan’s mother Mary Jo was nervous for how her daughter would handle the change.

“It’s a smaller town and Megan’s used to being in a large city and being involved in Special Olympics. She held down three jobs. I wasn’t sure how she was going to adapt,” said Mary Jo. “The City of Mercer and Manitowish Waters has just embraced her so wonderfully. I think she’s showing that no matter your ability you can do anything. We’re so proud of her.”

Megan used to write “Megan’s Minutes” for a local paper that Joy used to work at, but that column ended.

“We decided, why don’t we do our own thing ‘Monday’s with Megan’ and let’s go live and start promoting the positiveness within our community,” said Joy.

Joy N Megan 4.jpg
Joy N Megan Facebook
Megan and Joy on location for one of their "about and out" segments.

The two have branded themselves as “Joy N Megan” and have quickly become friends.

“In life we struggle with bumpy roads and what not and there’s a lot of negativity, but just hanging out with Megan and seeing her smile and her bubbly personality every single time I see her it makes it all worth it,” said Joy.

Joy and Megan go around to different communities in the area. Sometimes they’ll talk to each other on the Facebook lives, other times they’ll interview community members or business owners.

Joy and Megan weren’t sure what the response would be when they first started doing their Facebook lives, but it’s been wholly positive and further reaching than that might have thought as they get recognition out in public.

Through their Facebook lives and just being out and about, Joy and Megan hope their messages of positivity keeping spreading a little further.

“There’s a lot of negativity that goes around and if we can just all take the step and being kind and being nice, but the message also is to share the positivity of our area because a lot of people are like, ‘Oh what’s there to do in the Northwoods?’ Well, we’re going to tell you and kind of show you around,” said Joy.

You can go out and about with Joy N Megan on their Facebook page.

And in between adventures, remember: Be Nice. Be Good. Be Kind.