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Oneida Co. Fair Seeking Your Finest Work

Oneida County residents have a chance to put the spotlight on projects they’ve been working on this year, at the county fair. 

Oneida County UW Extension is asking people to submit projects to be displayed and judged at the county fair.  There are youth and senior divisions, as well as one that’s open to everyone.  4H Youth Development Agent Lynn Feldman is hoping people will take advantage of the chance to show their work to others. 

“If you go to a state fair or if you go to another county fair, you see this project work there, but you’re not sure – how does it get from a person’s home to the fair? And our avenue at Extension is that vehicle to get it to the fair.”

The categories include everything from antiques to homemade jam to live animals.  Youth can even enter large animals like cows and goats.  And Feldman says it’s ok to bring more than one kind of project. 

“You can’t bring two of the exact same thing, you bring your best. If it happens to be tomatoes that you’ve grown – if they’re ready to show at the fair, you can’t bring two sets of the same tomato in the same category. But you can bring a quilting project, or you can bring a photography project, and you can bring a plant project as well.”

The deadline to enter is July 1st.  The Oneida County Fair will take place at the beginning of August.   

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