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Once-Glacial Trail Makes For Good Hiking

Natalie Jablonski

You may be planning to get outdoors this weekend, but you probably won’t be outside as much as Toby Clark.  

He’s been hiking the ice age trail since April, and still has more than 400 miles left to go.  But he seems undaunted.

“Around mid-April the weather started to break and I started to get into more actual trail. Instead of road-walking. And it’s been great since then. My body’s getting in shape and I’ve been meeting some wonderful people, and seeing some beautiful Wisconsin landscape.”

The ice age trail is a 1000-mile route that winds through Wisconsin, roughly tracing the edge of a glacier that once covered parts of the state.  Clark says his first major hiking trip has been a challenge, but he likes taking in the natural beauty.

“Experiencing waking up in the spring in Wisconsin, camping out. I’ve heard so many different birds and frogs and just wildlife. Which is usually what wakes me up in the morning, it’s been a great way to start the day.”

When we spoke with him earlier this week, he was headed to Mueller Lake.

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