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Transforming a Middle School - Temporarily

School of the Arts Rhinelander is still underway; it wraps up on Wednesday.  The five-day art school for adults takes place at the James Williams middle school, where the cafeteria and dozens of classrooms undergo a big changeover – practically overnight.  School of the Arts Facilities Manager Beth Bloom says it’s not an easy task.  She hires a team of 9 high school students to help with the shuffle. 

“They help me change rooms around, set up tables, set up the cafeteria, the gymnasium and do whatever set up is necessary to accommodate the needs of the instructors as well as the students. And they work really hard to be able to do that!”

Bloom is also a language arts teacher at the James Williams Middle School.  School of the Arts is holding a community luncheon Tuesday to celebrate the program’s 50th anniversary.  

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