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U.S. House Sub-committee Recommends Cutting Arts Funding


A state arts leader is calling attention to a proposed funding cut for the National Endowment for the Humanities and National Endowment For the Arts.

The U.S. House Interior Appropriations subcommittee has passed a measure cutting funding for those agencies by 50 percent for 2014.

Anne Katz, Executive Director of Arts Wisconsin says the cuts would take away about $75 million dollars for each agency.

She says that level of cuts would have impacts on the arts community in Wisconsin, as the agencies provide grants to fund the arts across Wisconsin...


"....the grants are given out in small chunks, but they go out to communities of all sizes, from the smallest community to Milwaukee to all different kinds of organizations. They're all about making sure everyone, everywhere in the state can participate in the arts...."


Katz thinks the money is well-spent...

"....those might be things we take for granted sometimes, but when they are not there we feel them dramatically because people come together through the arts. People express themselves in creative ways and the small amount of investment the federal government makes, which is matched by the state government, really has a powerful impact...."


More information is on the Americans for the Arts Action Fund website.

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