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Couch Potato Race

Seeing a couch in a parking lot is hardly a fortuitous event, until you're driving around town contemplating entry in the YMCA of the Northwoods' Couch Potato Race. The race will be held August 31 in conjunction with PotatoFest Rhinelander.

When WXPR's staff heard about the event, we thought surely a radio station could come up with a theme. Besides, an athletic commitment, albeit brief, is a good thing for people who spend most of their days sitting in front of microphones and computers. 

And there's the comfy connection between lying around the living room and listening to WXPR. We do it every day. We may have even deluded ourselves into considering it a good pre-qualification for this couch driven sporting event. So the WXPR staff has formed a team and we're gearing up.

The first order of business - find a couch. It's more complicated that it seems. Race rules indicate teams will be comprised of 5 people, 4 pushers plus one rider. That's the tricky part - selecting a couch for size, weight, maneuverability and of course, safety considerations. After all, there is a rider involved and we wouldn't want to inadvertently spring her.  

Join the fun by digging up a team of your own, sponsoring WXPR's team, or marking your calendar for August 31 to cheer the WXPR team in Rhinelander's inaugural Couch Potato Race. You should be able to hear us coming.

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