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Northwoods Dance Hopes for Global Impact

A community dance in Land-o-Lakes is hoping to have an impact on the other side of the planet.  Organizers Steve and Rita Kickert had the idea to raise money for an AIDS clinic in Swaziland. But they weren’t sure how to go about it.  Rita says her husband Steve decided to try something he already knew how to do: calling square dances.

“My husband feels he’s not very good at building things or helping on missions in those ways, but he does know how to call square dances. So he thought this would be a good way to benefit Swaziland in a way that he could do it.”

Kickert’s son lives and works in Swaziland, which she says she’s learned is a hotspot of HIV and AIDS.  She says no experience is needed to attend the square dance. It’s Saturday night in Land O' Lakes.  The event also makes up one of the Land O' Lakes Area Artisans’ 100 Days of Art. 

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