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Colorado Volunteer Returns Home to Rhinelander

A Rhinelander volunteer working on Colorado disaster relief has returned home.  Carol Miller traveled to northern Colorado after heavy flooding put the area into crisis.  For 17 days she supervised nurses at a Red Cross disaster relief center in Denver.  She says a lot of the work was preventative.  But they did encounter more serious conditions, and numerous cases of altitude sickness.

“When I first arrived there it was pretty intense, because we had a lot of shelters open. So just keeping the people healthy in those shelters and well cared for.”

When she left Colorado a week and a half ago, Miller says there were still 750 volunteers on the ground…down from about 1100.

“I just was happy that I was able to help, do my little piece. It’s just amazing how many people come out with the Red Cross and how much funding we have received to help the victims. My heart just goes out to some of the victims out there.”

Miller says donations are still needed for long term relief: like getting supplies to people in difficult to reach places, and dealing with damaged buildings. 

Miller began volunteering with the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina.  

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