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Cell Phone Collection to Benefit Soldiers

This Memorial Day weekend… a charity group wants you to donate old cell phones to benefit soldiers. 

Military Support Group and AT&T have put out collection boxes in several locations in Rhinelander. 

AT&T Wisconsin Spokesperson Jessica Erickson says the old cell phones are recycled …and the proceeds go to pay for phone cards for soldiers overseas.

“You know a lot of us have old cell phones laying around our house or our office that we don’t have use for anymore. Really this a simple way that people can donate those, it helps the environment and more importantly it helps our troops that are deployed during those difficult times call back home to their families.”

Erickson says each phone generates $30 of phone call time.  She says program has generated more than 3-million dollars nationally in the past decade.

“It was actually founded in 2004 by two teenagers at the time, and they basically wanted to try to do what they could to help military families overseas to keep in touch with their families back home, and they started this charity.”

The cell phone collection starts Friday and runs through June 28th

The collection points in Rhinelander are the Chamber of Commerce, Trigs, Walmart, the VFW and the Veterans Center.

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