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Nothing Northwoods About It: Northern National Set to Open

Natalie Jablonski

The Northern National art exhibit opens Tuesday night at Nicolet College.  It includes artwork from all over the country…that ranges from oil paintings to quilts. 

Natalie Jablonski spoke with judge Linda Benedict-Jones…from the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh…about her approach to jurying a large exhibit.  

She selected the works in the show, whittling down more than 500 submissions to about 90.

“Here we are in the Northwoods, but there’s nothing Northwoods about this exhibition. It has a broad geographic reach; I think that it demonstrates an enormous diversity in terms of media.”

Benedict Jones says though themes often emerge among the final selections, she’s careful to judge each work on its own.

“Because these are artists from all over the country. They were not asked to submit on a specific theme. So I don’t really think it’s fair for me to judge them according to a theme. I’m juding them on the success of that one piece.”

Benedict Jones is also awarding prizes to several submissions, including three one-thousand dollar awards. 

The winners will be announced at Tuesday's opening event.  Tickets for the opening must be purchased in advance.  

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