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Cranberry Enthusiasts Flock to Eagle River


Visitors are pouring into Eagle River in time for Cranberry Fest. This weekend’s event is expected to draw 40,000 people to the area. 

Chamber of Commerce Director Kim Emerson says planning the huge event takes all year. 

“So when it’s over I start over on the next year. And you’re getting all of the things lined up – the cranberries, the craisins, the marsh winery tours. All of the different integral parts that help make the festival so special.”

It’s the 35th year of Cranberry Fest.  Emerson says set-up for the festival is well underway, with large tents going up to house more than 300 vendors.

“And then from there everybody starts moving in. All the different cranberry foods, beers and wines, the world’s largest cranberry cheesecake. Everybody starts coming onto the grounds, the crafters all start setting up in preparation for the big day which is opening at 9 am on Saturday morning.”

Emerson says it takes over 400 volunteers to run Cranberry Fest.  

The event happens at the Vilas County Fairgrounds Saturday and Sunday, with cranberry marsh tours happening Thursday and Friday as well as this weekend.  

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