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Advisory Council Asks About Non-Motorized Trail Use

Tim Gillin

An advisory council to the state DNR is asking the public for input on non-motorized trail use.

The recently-formed Non-motorized Recreation and Transportation Trails Council hopes to represent the needs of silent sports users in Wisconsin. 

Council member and editor of Silent Sports magazine Joel Patenaude says the new survey wants feedback from users about their needs and concerns. 

“We have hunches as to what horsebackriders and kayakers and mountainbikers need. But it will help greatly to hear from folks who actually have these trails in their backyards.”

The brief online survey asks questions about how frequently people use non-motorized trails, which kinds of trails they use and what they’d like to see change. 

Patenaude says the information could help leverage state funding for trail maintenance. 

“It deserves I think a concerted effort at the state level of providing the kind of money and resources that they really call for.”

The survey is online at the DNR’s website

It’s the first outreach the advisory council has done to the public.   

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