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Snow Continues to Pile Up in Northern Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula

Another wave of snow near Lake Superior continues to bury an area already blanketed from last week’s early winter storms.  The the wintry conditions are getting mixed reviews.

The Lake Superior snowbelt region of Hurley and Ironwood were hit especially hard with nearly feet of snow in areas.  Gracie Tadlock was not quite ready for so much, so early.  

“There is a lot. It came fast. It is kind of overwhelming. I was actually hoping it wouldn’t come here until December but…after 30 below for as long as we did last year, the snow will be okay.”

Many people are already cross-country skiing at Ironwood’s ABR Trails.  Angela Santini, who co-owns ABR with her husband, Eric Anderson, says they groomed throughout the week as the snow piled up.

“This we believe is the earliest we were able to open and stay open. We have 40 kilometers open. Even on Thursday in the snowstorm, we had 15 people.

With more snow already falling this week, there should be plenty to go around.   

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