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Cold Weather Makes for Excellent Snowmobile Derby Conditions

Emily Bright


The frigid weather we've experienced lately is perfect for one group: those working hard to prepare the snowmobile track for the upcoming Vintage and World Championship races.

When you host the international snowmobile championship--outdoors in January--you live at the mercy of the weather. You need enough cold to make 10 inches of ice on the oval track and 10 feet of snow for the infield snow-cross event—but not so much cold that it keeps away fans. Russ Davis is the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for the Amsoil World Championship Snowmobile Derby. Davis says they’ve been working on the ice for the oval track since deer season, layer after monotonous layer.

“The water truck holds about a thousand gallons, and it lasts about 20-25 minutes and they have to go back again and pump it full of water again. And go out and water it so you know you can imagine how long it’ll take a layer at a time. All night long.”

Other events outside of their control? The time of the Packer game, which this year overlaps with Sunday afternoon’s biggest races. Still, this Classic Vintage Snowmobile Derby has drawn over 1000 entries and track conditions, racers say, are looking good.

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