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Boulder Junction Readies For 'Frozen Tozen' Festival

Boulder Junction is celebrating winter this weekend with its Frozen Tozen festival.

As Chamber Director Theresa Smith explains, it starts with an ice fishing tournament on Allequash Lake. 

There are prizes for the largest fish as well as the largest total number of inches. 

“Any fish that they catch, whether it’s a panfish or whether it’s a northern, or a bass, whatever they catch would be recorded and all of those accumulated inches will be totaled at the end of the day for the awards.”

An awards ceremony is scheduled for that evening. 

There are also activities taking place throughout the day at the town’s Winter Park, including turkey bowling, sledding and a one-mile snowshoe run beginning at noon. 

Organizers are asking people to bring a donation for the food pantry.  Smith says the event also helps raise money to improve boat landings. 

“We work with the DNR and the town of Boulder Junction to make improvements to our landings so that anglers can access them easier when the water’s open.”

Smith says the ice fishing tournament typically draws about 50, with more than a hundred participating in the other festival activities.    

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