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Holiday Donations, Volunteers Sought By RAFP

Rhinelander Area Food Pantry

Donations are welcome at area food pantries as the holiday season is upon us.

Rhinelander Area Food Pantry Executive Director Guy Hansen says leading up to the holidays people have been generous. He says they will always accept donations of food, and people have been giving items that often aren't available like pie filling.

But, he says, there's one way that provides more purchasing power to feed those less fortunate...

"....money is always readily accepted. We can do more with a dollar than what you can do with a dollars worth of food you might buy locally. We have access to food that is a lot cheaper and we can buy in volume. Money is easy to handle, it's easy to carry...”

Hansen says another way to share is to share time as a volunteer. He says at the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry they need people to help out the next two Saturdays as many of the regular volunteers will be away. If you want more information call Jane at the Rhinelander Pantry,(715-369-7237) or you can go to their website at rhinelanderareafoodpantry.org

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