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National Library Week Shows More Library Use


This is National Library Week with the theme, "Libraries Transform." One local librarian says even in the digital age, the public continues to support this place of community learning.

Rhinelander District Library Director Virginia Roberts says this is a week for people who enjoy libraries to let that be known...

"....to celebrate libraries and all we do for our communities. What we're asking the public to do this year is contact their representatives at all levels, the federal, state and local levels and tell them in a couple of sentences their library story to their representatives what their libraries mean to them...."

Roberts says in the digital age, an interesting thing is happening: libraries are busier than ever....

"....we've been busier than ever ourselves. We have roughly 500 people coming through the doors a day. Not all of them are counted because some of them are carried in by their parents. We have everybody coming in from children to adults and into their golden ages enjoying this library...."

Roberts says libraries have evolved over time to provide modern interests...

"...of course we have computers and tablets and people come into enjoy our Wi-Fi. We have a group that comes in when school lets out to video game, but they also do homework or they wouldn't be allowed to videogame. We have kids would come in and play just board games, and adults as well....."

With the cooperation of the American Library Association and with help from the Advertising Council, the first National Library Week was observed in 1958 with the theme "Wake Up and Read

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