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Newbold Disc Golf Course To Open In 2018

Town of Newbold

The town of Newbold recreation committee has decided to finish up this year and open its new disc golf course next year.

Chair of the Newbold Outdoor Recreation Committee, Pete Cody, says conditions still weren't quite right....

"....we still had some fairway work to do to make sure everything was absolutely right. A lot of the seeding we did on the basket and in the t-pad areas is still pretty soft and we felt it would be better to let that grow longer and root better so we decided to open up in 2018...."

Cody says Blackwell Job Corps students built a privy and helped with other construction. Cody says they're also looking for funding to help finish the course...

"....our final count on the holes we sold for sponsorships so far is at 17. We have one more to sell before we are out of holes for sponsorships. We had 14 benches available for sponsorships and we have sold all of those...."

He says the 1.4 mile hiking trail is open and will be open for snowshoeing again this winter. Cody says they joined a Milkweed Habitat Program to attract rare Monarch butterflies. The two designated areas are signed to provide golfers awareness of the project. Cody says they had Monarch's at the milkweed habitat over the summer.

The course is seven miles north of Rhinelander off Highway 47 and Ole Lake Road.

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