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Rare Items Made Available At Crystal Rock Estate Sale

Pieces of history are up for sale including items related to the Rhinelander appearances of the late musical artists Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly.

PLS Estate Sale Services is holding a three-day sale at the Crystal Rock west of Rhinelander.

The facility was a roller-skating rink after 1966, but also served as a venue before that for some national music acts such as Cash, Roy Orbison and Holly, but also Gene Vincent, The Everly Brothers, Minnie Pearl, Little Jimmy Dickens , Carl Perkins, Frankie Yankovic and Eddie Howard.

PLS' Barry Uphoff talks about the sale that has many items from the era and some household items..

"...The property here is an old rural roller rink, Crystal Rock was very famous in the area. A lot of big names played here. Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison. We have a couple of items that were here on stage with Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly. Some pictures for provenance. So a little bit of history for here at this building..."

Among the items were a chair Johnny Cash used and a fan that was on the stage the night of Cash's performance in 1957 and some pictures of Buddy Holly on stage.

Uphoff was pleased with the turnout....

"...The owner of the property asked us to liquidate not only the contents of the property here but we have some other items here that we've also included in the sale. The turnout is pretty impressive here today...."

The sale at the Crystal Rock on Highway 8 west of Rhinelander is going on through Saturday.

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