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Eagle River Service Clubs Step Forward To Improve Playgrounds

Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

Two Eagle River service groups, Lions and Rotary, announced improvements scheduled for summer with additions to public outdoor recreation facilities for kids at this week's (Jan. 15) city council meeting.

A “rookie challenge” multiple playground facility will be installed at Gremban Park according to Lion Darren Gremban, along with new ramps at the skate park by city hall. The playground structure is designed for kids age 5-12 and includes multiple challenges . . . ramps, four types of slides, and ADA playground stairs. The estimated cost is near $27,000.

Eagle River Rotary announced improvements at Silver Lake beach to allow better water facilities for teaching swimming. Rotary president Robin Ginner said they would construct four swim lanes with kick plates that can be removed in winter and a bench set at water level. The estimated cost is $30,000. Coluncil members praised the two service groups for the improvements that help kids noting the beach is free and “one of the finest things Rotary has done.”

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