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Women's March Set For Saturday Regardless Of Weather

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Saturday is the fourth-annual Women's March at various locations across the country. In the Northwoods, organizers say they will join the march regardless of weather.

The march began after the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, to protest what they feel is Trump's poor treatment of women. Tara Woolpy of the group Northwoods Progressives is a local march organizer...

"...It started as a response to the election of Donald Trump because women saw that as an affront to us, particularly after all the sexual harrassment allegations. And we've continued every year to march in support of women and the empowerment of women, in support of our rights..."

There's likely to be a lot of snow around from a storm, but Woolpy says they're marching anyway...

"...We are going to meet at 1:00 p.m. at Veterans Park, which is at Front(St.) and Highway 51 in Minocqua. That's where the municipal parking lot is. We'll have a little bit of a rallying speech and then we'll march through town. It will take about an hour. We're there to be visible and show that we're engaged..."

Woolpy says the first march four years ago drew 300 participants. She says women are stepping up to help make the world a better place. She says a record number of women ran for political office in 2018 and a record number of women won. She says there's been many women this election cycle running for president.

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