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Wisconsin hits record-high job numbers in June


Wisconsin broke the record for number of jobs in June.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics job totals for the month of June 2023 showed a record high of 3,006,900 jobs.

That’s nearly 53,000 more jobs than a year ago.

The total labor force grew by 14,000.

Dennis Winters is the state Department of Workforce Development Chief Economist.

“People that are holding up the labor force participation rate at this point are older workers, baby boomers, who live to work. They are in the labor force at much higher rates than they have been historically. As that continues and we get more people in the labor force, it’s going to keep that number relatively high,” said Winters.

The unemployment rate in Wisconsin is slightly up.

It hit a record low of 2.4% in April and May.

In June, it was 2.5%.

“Businesses continue to hire and those that do get laid off aren’t laid off for very long. It’s pretty strong jobs market here in Wisconsin,” said Winters.

Wisconsin’s employment numbers are stronger than the national rates.

U.S. unemployment was 3.6% in June.

Katie Thoresen is WXPR's News Director/Vice President.
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