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Races and concert a big draw for Crandon

Wyatt Williams
WAOW Television

If you're planning to head to Forest County this weekend its going to be busy. Between the World Off-Road Championships at Crandon International Raceway or Friday night's KISS concert, Crandon is quickly becoming the place to be.

Stands at the raceway were packed Thursday with eager fans ready for the exciting weekend, and drivers and teams are just as pumped for the action.

The KISS concert Friday night is expected to draw in a major crowd for what promises to be one of the state's biggest races of the year.

"Labor Day weekend, you know it's the biggest race of the year for all of off-road, it's the Daytona of off-road," said George VanZile Crew Member for VanZile Racing. "Hunter, this is his 5th year racing, we won here this spring so we're looking to repeat that."

The fans aren't the only ones excited for KISS, the race teams know the impact this is having on the event, and have high praise for the raceway making this happen.

"It's a big deal, it's been a big deal, you know it really hypes everybody up. You'll have to experience it for yourself, all Crandon, there's nothing like it," said VanZile.

Hunter VanZile who will be racing in the event is racing for more than KISS and the off-road fans this week.

He has a much more meaningful drive for first.

"I'm most excited about the cup race, my grandpa's not doing to well, and I want to win it for him," said Hunter.

Many of the drivers have already got out on the track for practice, and preparations for Thursday night's championship races.

Friday's events will conclude with Crandon Rocks from KISS.

Tickets are still available for both events.

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