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WisDOT Exempts State Haulers From New Rules


Wisconsin will create its own set of Hours of Service rules for truckers hauling loads within the state. The federal government set new rules for haulers which began this week. Drivers must stop for half-an-hour after 8 hours on the road. By creating its own rules, Wisconsin will suspend the federal rules for three years.

Great Lakes Timber Professionals Director Henry Schienebeck says the state recognized the new rules could hurt log haulers...

"....the D.O.T. recognizes the fact that log truck(hauler) that are our members...the mills are only open so many hours during the day and if they have to stop for half-an-hour they could potentially lose a load each day...."

But Schienebeck says log haulers going to nearby states will need to follow the new federal laws...

"....we have a lot of members that haul wood over to Quinnesec, Michigan....or to Duluth, Minnesota. Even though their only going over the border(a relatively short distance), they're still going to be affected by this rule..."

The Division of State Patrol has been notified that it should that it should not enforce the new Hours of Service rules for in-state trucking.

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