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Hometown Trolley Receives Loan for Expansion

A Crandon company is getting an extra $150,000 in loans to fund an expansion.  Hometown Trolley is increasing its manufacturing capacity.  The loan comes from the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands.  The agency uses money from timber sales to fund economic development projects.  Hometown Trolley already received a loan from BCPL earlier this summer.  But BCPL Executive Secretary Tia Nelson says the company asked for extra money when it revised its project costs. 

“In the case of Hometown Trolley in turns out they needed a little more than they asked for. So this is a second loan for the same purpose at Hometown Trolley.”

The earlier loan was for $400,000 dollars.  Crandon benefited from other BCPL loans this summer: a flooring manufacturer received about $700,000 dollars, and the school system netted almost a million to fund a roofing project.  

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