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WPS Flares Natural Gas in Three Lakes

Wisconsin Public Service is flaring natural gas in Three Lakes this week to prepare for some pipeline maintenance.

WPS Spokesperson Leah Van Zile says some parts of the pipeline are being refitted to allow for easier maintenance, and the natural gas needs to be cleared out first. 

“Basically what we’re doing is we’ve taken the pressure down as low as we possibly can in that section of the pipeline, the remaining gas is purged out of that pipeline, and burned at the one valve in the Three Lakes area.”

The gas flare is happening Monday and may continue on Friday, as WPS re-pressurizes the 22 miles of pipeline.  Three Lakes residents may see a flame around five feet high, or smell natural gas odors near the area – about 500 feet into the woods from Don Burnside Park.

Van Zile says the new fittings and valves will allow for technology called a “pig” to enter into the pipeline…to inspect or repair it. 

“Check the pipes for corrosion and different things. So in order to allow that technology to even enter into our pipes, we have to adjust some of the fittings, and change out some of the valves.”

Van Zile says crews have sectioned off the areas they’re working on, so customers’ gas service will not be affected.

The same process is scheduled to take place next week on the pipeline that runs between Clear Lake, Woodruff and St. Germaine.  

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