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Integrys To Auction/Sell Lake Content Property

Integrys Energy Group, the holding company which owns Wisconsin Public Service, has decided to sell about 200 acres of its Awassa Lodge property along Lake Content  in St. Germain. The land is divided into 23 primarily lakefront lots. Integrys also owns 235 acres not adjacent to the lake. They are negotiating with a single buyer for that land. An auction will be conducted on September 18 at the St. Germain Community Center.

Kerry Spees from Wisconsin Public Service says the land no longer was part of their mission...

"....for years it's been maintained and operated as a retreat for company employees for payment. it wasn't like it was free or anything. A couple of years ago the company made a decision that it just didn't make any sense to continue to operate that lodge facility and keep all that acreage....."

Spees says several years ago they were going to sell some of that property but the real estate market tanked and they decided not to. He says the company decided in 2012 to divest the property. He says there's a small amount of property also on Big St. Germain Lake.

Spees says there already has been interest...

"....some of it is up for private sale, but we've been working with a single buyer, I'm not at liberty to say at this point...for the back properties that include the hiking trail and the snowmobile trail and some of the back lot stuff. There is interest there and we're working with a single buyer on that one...."

A firm began marketing the property Thursday. More information is on their website atintegrysgroup.com

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