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Northern Home Sales Outpace Rest of State And Surpass 2013

Strong sales in October have put northern Wisconsin’s housing market ahead of where it was last year. 

Though sales had been lagging behind 2013 numbers, a burst of activity in October helped put the northern region about two percent over where it was at this time last year. 

Economist Dave Clark says more available housing stock is also helping other rural parts of the state do well. 

“The available inventory certainly helped to fuel the sales growth in the rural parts of the state, and that tighter inventories may have constrained that growth in the more urban parts of the state.”

Sales in October were up almost thirty percent for northern Wisconsin compared to the previous October. 

Median prices for the year as a whole are also up, by about four percent.

That means Northern Wisconsin is outpacing the state this year for sales growth and median price increase.

Statewide figures for 2014 show sales are down by about two percent, while prices increased by about the same margin of two percent.    

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