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Read Coupons Fine Print During Black Friday Shopping


Too good to be true? That's the question shoppers should ask says a consumer expert if what you see in an advertisement or coupon doesn't match what a store is offering on Black Friday.

The day after Thanksgiving has evolved into a type of shopping Mardi Gras which leads  D.A.T.C.A.P.'S Sandy Chalmers to tell consumers to bring an ad or coupon with them to the store. She says that way if something doesn't match up you have proof to talk to the cashier or store manager...

".....look at the fine print very closely. It contains very important details. Wisconsin law works for consumers in that it requires stores to charge the lowest advertised price and to return any overcharge to the consumer....."

Chalmers  says read through an entire advertisement or coupon before making a purchase on Friday...

"....look for the fine print in the ads. Look for disclaimers specifically on things like 'limited quantities'. Sometimes prices in the ads only apply to Internet shopping. Quite often there will be special sale hours and some deeply discounted items at that price during limited hours..."

 Chalmers says if you still are not satisfied, you can report it to theDepartment of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Affairs.

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