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Thanksgiving Costs A Little More But Less Than Drive-thru?


When you finish your Thanksgiving meal you might ask, 'why did I eat so much?', but a state Farm Bureau spokesperson says the cost shouldn't give you additional pain.

Amy Eckelberg says they survey 12 items usually thought of on a traditional Thanksgiving table.  A 16 pound  turkey costs about a dollar more than last year. Pumpkin pie mix is up about 35 cents, and sweet potatoes are up 50 cents, but rolls are down 25 cents and a relish tray costs about as much as last year, among other items.

Eckelberg says dairy costs rose the sharpest...

"....lots of news stories out there talking about how great of a year it was for dairy in 2014. You had strong international demand for a variety of our dairy products. That's great for Wisconsin farm families. But the survey is catching what is likely the tail end of that high wave of dairy prices...."

Eckelberg says dairy prices are expected to drop a bit in 2015.

 Eckelberg says a meal for ten cost $50 and change this year. Last year it was just over 48 dollars....

"....in the grand scheme of things, we calculate this for a family of 10. If you take that $50 and divide it by 10, it's about $5.00 per person. Go through the drive-through at the local restaurant, it's hard to find a meal for $5.00 these days, that's not too bad, even though it did go up this year..."

 The cost in Wisconsin is about a dollar higher for the whole meal than the national average.

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