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Red Cliff Tribe Hosts Summit on Mining Alternatives

Wisconsin’s six Chippewa tribes are organizing a conference on economic alternatives to mining January 7-9.  

Red Cliff Mining Resources Specialist Sandy Gokee says the tribes are inviting specialists to talk about the impacts of iron mining, as well as explore the potential of other economic drivers. 

“We wanted them to share their knowledge about the effects of mining. Viable alternatives to extraction, cultural knowledge; because we wanted to kind of bring it all together with our native world view.”

The first day focuses on how mining affects communities, while the second day discusses alternatives. 

Gokee is hoping concrete plans for economic development will emerge from the conversations.

“Actual strategic planning to get the ball rolling on these different ideas. Whatever fits your specific community best. So some places don’t really have the soil to grow food very well – maybe you’re in a good place for solar. Who knows?”

Gokee says presentation topics include food sovereignty, sustainable forestry, recycling and solid waste, and maple syrup production. 

The summit is free and open to the public. 

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