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Business Incubator To Open In Rhinelander


Downtown Rhinelander will likely be seeing a business incubator soon.

As part of moving Downtown Rhinelander, Inc. offices to a building they own on 30 West Davenport Street, Board President Dan Kuzlik says they will start a business incubator in the unused office space. This will be the first business incubator in Rhinelander.....


"....to start out businesses that are ready to move out of their home office or start a new business but really don't have the resources to pay market rate. What we're going to do is give them options to get into our building... it can be retail, they can sell things right out of there, it could be light manufacturing though the facility there wouldn't allow for heavy manufacturing, maybe craft manufacturing. A lot of those businesses..."


It also is the first business incubator in Oneida county.

A business incubator allows entrepreneurs to get started without high upfront costs. Vilas county has incubators in at least two communities.

He says the building is undergoing reconstruction. Kuzlik says they will also have a small business center to keep costs down so businesses can share expenses like a business center in a hotel. Kuzlik says they have a couple of people interested in the facility.

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