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Streetscape Project Delayed But First Season Ending Soon


Earlier projections for the Rhinelander Streetscape project ending for the year in October have proven not to be the case, but a spokesperson says things should be wrapping up by mid-month.

Weather and added construction slowed the project says project engineer Mark Barden. A few touchups are being done with the concrete but other than that, the concrete is complete...

"....we're putting in the last bit of trees today. That should be wrapped up this week. Asphalt pavement will be complete on Friday. We have all the major roads complete what we're doing is patching in driveways. Monday the electrical contractor will be in to set up all the decorative street lighting. The schedule is the electrical contractor will be in to set up the decorative street lighting and the signal lighting. Signal lighting will be going in at the intersection of Pelham and Anderson, Stevens and Davenport and Davenport and Brown...."

Barden says the electrical work will take about a week to possibly ten days. He says that will complete the project for this year.

Next spring, final asphalt paving will take place and other smaller projects with the contract saying the project has to be done by June 30.

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