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WPS To Begin Gas Line Upgrades In Minocqua

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Minocqua residents are advised some utility work is coming.

Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Matt Cullen says they want to upgrade the natural gas distribution system...

"....we're starting to upgrade our natural gas distribution facilities in Minocqua this month. Those upgrades include approximately about 2.5 miles of new natural gas distribution mains and several service pipelines...."

Cullen says the project will begin on Cedar Street on the city’s east side, and is expected to end near the intersection of Oneida Street and East Park Avenue in mid-December. Digging and excavating will be necessary to install the new pipelines, but Cullen says WPS will restore any impacted roadways or landscaping to their pre-construction state.

Cullen says they've sent letters to property owners and businesses to inform them of the work.

Cullen says property owners should help out...

"....we would like the owners of any private, underground facilities such as sprinkler systems or private natural gas lines like an outdoor fire pit please provide us with the location of those facilities. That's a safety precaution for us and the residents in the area. So when we're working in the area we can make sure to avoid those facilities...."

InterCon Construction, a utility engineering and construction company, has been contracted by WPS to perform the distribution system upgrades

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