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Rhinelander-Oneida Co. Airport Gets Two More Years Of Air Service

Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport

Air travelers to the Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport will continue to fly to Minneapolis-St. Paul via SkyWest Airlines.

Airport Director Matthew Leitner says the federal government cleared the air by making some decisions...

"...The U.S. Department of Transportation re-authorized SkyWest for Essential Air Service contract which begins in February of 2019 and goes through January of 2021. Coinciding with that, Congress re-authorized appropriations for the FAA for the next five years. For the past several years had been operting on a continuing resolution. What this means is FAA is funded for the next five years and so is Essential Air Service..."

Essential Air Service is money gathered from foreign airlines flying over the United States who pay for using U.S. airspace and air traffic control. That money goes into the EAS fund and it is a main funding source for local airports.

Leitner explains why that's important to Rhinelander...

"That funds our Essential Air Service contract. That money comes in to Rhinelander and the environs. It benefits our region greatly because we not only have commercial airline service and a connection to the world but all that money is derived from foreign sources comes to our local and regional economy...."

Two daily round-trip SkyWest flights to the Twin Cities will continue in the 50 passenger airplanes

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