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Your Bad Gasoline Habits Are Costing You Money Says Analyst

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Our bad habits are likely costing us money at the gas pump.

That's the results of a study done by the website gasbuddy. com

The survey found that we could save up to $375 dollars a year if we changed a few habits. The Pump Habits Study, an annual study to gather insights on how consumers decide where and when to stop for fuel, reveals that drivers can overpay due to factors such as laziness, procrastination, and not taking advantage of loyalty programs.

Gasbuddy.com spokesperson Patrick DeHaan says consistency is robbing you...

"..Including running on empty and going into the first station you pull up to which may not be the cheapest. Having a station you go to just because it's convenient on the way to work. That may cost you a little bit more. A lot of people still aren't signed up for loyalty programs that exist at stations. All of these could add up to cost you a few hundred dollars more..."

This study was first conducted in 2016, and compared to the results from this year’s study, the results have remained consistent even though gas prices have fluctuated. But DeHaan noted the prices here are more consistent...

"To be completely fair, prices in Rhinelander certainly don't vary as much as they do in a big city like Milwaukee or Chicago where it's routine to see prices can be 30 cents a gallon different within stations within very close range. Stations in Rhinelander are at $2.33 a gallon and outside of Rhinelander it's $2.44. So there is a little bit of variety...."

DeHaan says many stations offer loyalty discounts and many motorists simply don't take advantage of them, costing them in the long haul.

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