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Spokesperson Says Construction Workers Are Needed Now

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The construction trades in Wisconsin and across the nation are hard pressed to find enough workers and an industry spokesperson says if you want to get a job in construction, now is the time.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported nationally, The estimated construction unemployment rate in Wisconsin dropped to 1.3 percent, topping the previous record of 1.7 percent for May 2017. The 1.3 percent rate is seventh best among the states.

But Associated Builders and Constractors of Wisconsin spokesperson Kyle Schwarm says as the economy continues to perform well, more construction projects are underway.

He says construction companies are hard-pressed to find enough workers..

"..Right now is a great time, if anyone wants to enter the construction industry to get involved. There are a number of different type apprenticeship programs that individuals can take part in. Right now we have 1,500 apprentices that we are training at 11 technical colleges across the state. These are extremely high-paying positions..."

Schwarm says the skills can be transferred to other places. Schwarm says anyone looking at a construction career can find information on the web...

"..Obviously you can do a Google search but I'd like to promote our website for the apprenticeship program, that's buildyourcareer.wi.org and you can learn about how the apprenticeship program works. You can also learn about the different types of trades that you can get involved in..."

Rates fell nationally in 46 states on a year-over-year basis, according to federal data. The construction industry employed 203,000 more workers nationally, compared to May 2018.

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