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Another Flight Added This Summer At ROCA

Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport

There was such a large response last summer to an extra summertime flight out of the Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport that a fourth flight will be scheduled this summer.

Airport Director Matthew Leitner says Delta Airlines is ready to add one more...

"...Delta has expanded our summer season for 2020. They've added additional flights on Saturdays in July and August. Last summer was a resounding success in their estimation and ours. They've honored that..."

Leitner says the extra flight is because the demand is there...

"...When the third flight began I asked the community to use it. If we didn't use it, we'd potentially lose it. They came out in force. We really filled them up last summer. Onward and upward. People are often more interested in more destinations and more flights. We're certainly on that trajectory..."

Leitner says for the first year of extra flights during the summer, both he and Delta didn't think the response would be that strong at first. But with the added demand, they booked the additional Saturday round-trip to the Twin Cities...

"...It's out of Minneapolis, it will depart at 5:40 p.m. It will get to Rhinelander at 6:37. Then out of Rhinelander at 7:07 and into Minneapolis at 8:12...."

Delta has a standard two round trip flights daily to Minneapolis. More information is on the Delta website or local travel agent.

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