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Gas Prices Rise But Trail Past Summertime Levels

Wikimedia Commons Tysto

Gas prices have risen as we approach the upper Midwest's mid-summer time, but still are below levels of recent years.

Following the shutdown of much of the economy in March and April, gas prices plunged to a dollar-a-gallon levels in this region. At the same time Saudi Arabia and Russia had an oil exporter dispute and were producing as much oil as possible which flooded the market. That has changed. Oil production was cut and the economy slowly opened.

Wisconsin AAA spokesperson Nick Jarmusz says gas prices have risen...

"So we're still well below the prices we typically see for June and have seen for the last five to six years. But we're well above the record low prices that we say back in April and the beginning parts of May...."

Jarmusz says it shows more motorists are back on the road. Thursday's national average was $2.17 per gallon. Wisconsin's average is $2.14 per gallon of unleaded.

"Further north in the state you're going to see slightly higher prices than you are lower in the state. But that is right on par with other Midwestern states neighboring us..."

In northern Wisconsin, gas prices are in the $2.25 range, some higher, while in central Wisconsin, it ranges from a low of $2.11 to a high of $2.25. Southern Wisconsin has prices around $2.00 per gallon.

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