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Ironwood woman thankful for community support as she works to help family and friends in Ukraine

Maryna Rouse

It didn’t long after moving to Copper Country for Maryna Rouse to quickly fall in love with the metal.

“I was so impressed with how beautiful copper up here was. It’s unbelievable, beautiful copper. I’m from Europe, from Ukraine. We don’t use copper. Here, it’s so beautiful. I can’t realize my life now without making jewelry,” said Rouse.

About four years ago, she made the move to Ironwood from Ukraine.

Rouse enjoys spending her time making and selling copper jewelry and volunteering at the Downtown Art Place in Ironwood.

“It’s made me happy. And I’m so happy when people wear my jewelry and they become happy to,” said Rouse.

But lately the joy has been hampered but the war in her home country.

“I was so upset that I cannot help. One day I decided I need to do something,” she said.

Rouse decided to make some jewelry with the blue and gold colors of the Ukrainian flag mixed with copper.

During Ironwood’s First Friday event in March, she sold the jewelry and collected donations.

“I really appreciate the help and support that I have here in local community in America. I want to say thank you to all my friends, my friend’s friends, and local community and downtown art place for support. I really appreciate it,” said Rouse.

All of the money goes directly to people she’s knows back in Ukraine. They’ve been using the money to buy groceries to make food for soldiers and others in need.

“People need help. People in Ukraine need real help,” said Rouse.

While Rouse struggles seeing what’s happening in her home country, she’s comforted knowing her new home is helping.

Rouse is still making jewelry and collection donations.

She is also working on creating a list of places people can donate to that more directly help people in Ukraine.

You can contact her through her Facebook page.

Katie Thoresen is WXPR's News Director/Vice President.
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