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Two Merrill students run business while also going to school

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Imagine being a high school junior, and while on top of keeping your grades up and staying active in your community, you run your own business.

For twins Sergei and Roman Wunsch, that is their reality as the co-founders of "Two Boys and a Lawnmower" based out of Merrill, only they shovel driveways in the winter.

"This is our living. This is what we do," Sergei said.

"It's not like a job anymore, it's like school, you just go and do it," Roman added.

They've been doing this for four years and get most of their business in the summer mowing lawns.

"We were averaging around 123 lawns a week, so putting in 14 hours, 12-hour shifts," Roman said.

They have already reeled in more than 20 customers in December so far, and because they're in school during the day on weekdays, they can't always respond to requests right away.

"Of course I want to take the call, but you have to have the client sent to voicemail for a little bit, but as soon as I'm done with that class, I give them a call back and then I write them down in the books and get them scheduled, hopefully," Sergei said.

They credit their parents for the idea as a way to make some extra money, but as it's turned into a full-time business, they're hoping for more weather and chances to learn.

"We've worked hard for what we have, we've built off from the base, and now we're kind of working our way up to the top, for sure," Sergei said.

If you'd like to learn more about their business, click here.

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