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Finding enough first responders a struggle Wisconsin


Departments across the country begging for help so they can help their community.

According to the Badger Institute, there are many reasons, the main among them, a lack of available workers.

While Wausau fire is currently staffed comfortably many nearby smaller and more rural departments are feeling the pressure.

"Well nationwide fire and ems organizations are struggling to meet staffing benchmarks, and to meet expansive growth in call volume that’s being experienced and so everyone is struggling right now to find qualified staff to meet the communities needs wherever they are.” said, Wausau Fire Department Fire Chief Robert Barteck.

It's not just a shortage of workers, the number of calls is skyrocketing to record levels as well.

"Call volume is the direct correlation for the need for responders and every agency in Wisconsin that I'm aware of and work with are all experiencing higher and higher, growing and growing call volumes in their just jurisdictions and so our only way to meet that need is to add more units, add more staffing to do that.” said, Barteck.

Many fire chiefs are calling out for help from the community.

"Especially now the increased shared revenue with the allocation for public safety I think it’s going to be extremely important for voters for the community to contact their elected officials and encourage them and say hey you know this additional shared revenue that’s coming back to our municipality we really want to see that in the hands of the first responders.” said, Merrill Fire Department Fire Chief Josh Klug.

First responders always lend a helping hand when you need them most, we now have our opportunity to give one back.

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