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Juror questionnaire and number of alternatives set for Oneida County murder trial

Katie Thoresen

The Oneida County Court is finalizing details for jurors for an upcoming murder trial.

Christopher Anderson is accused of shooting and killing Hannah Miller near Rhinelander in June of last year.

The trail is set for seven days in August.

The Court is preparing to send out questionnaires to potential jurors.

Anderson is facing a first-degree intentional homicide charge in the death of Miller. According to court records, he and Miller had been in a relationship together.

She was found shot to death just outside Rhinelander nearly a year ago.

If Anderson is found guilty, he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

In court Friday, both Anderson’s attorney and the Oneida County District Attorney agreed to a list of questions to send to potential jurors.

Judge Michael Bloom said it was on the lengthy side, but a similarly long list had been used in the past with success for putting together a jury.

“I did confer with the Clerk of Courts. Ms. Behrle indicated to me that questionnaires generally speaking were completed and returned,” said Bloom.

While approving the questions was a quick process, the judge and attorneys did not agree on how many potential jurors each side would get to turn away.

There will be 12 jurors and three alternatives.

Judge Bloom at first said each attorney would get seven strikes, the four given for a felony trial, plus one additional strike for each alternate.

But Anderson’s attorney thought the law gave five strikes for a trial involving a 1st-degree intentional homicide charge, meaning each attorney would get eight strikes.

Judge Bloom tabled that decision until next week to him and the attorneys to look into what the number should be.

“Mr. Schiek or Mr. Anderson, if either you can identify the precise statute or case law that sets forth the proper numbers. You’re free to share that with each other and the court or I will instruct the clerk based on what I find,” said Bloom.

Once the jury questionnaires are returned the responses will be forwarded to the defense and prosecution, except for those who unable to perform juror duties unrelated to their answers to the questions.

Anderson will be back in court next month for another motion hearing.

Katie Thoresen is WXPR's News Director/Vice President.
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