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Wisconsin Attorney General wants better regulations for ghost guns

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul
Morry Gash
Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul

State Attorney General Josh Kaul is pushing for more regulations and rules on ghost guns, saying he wants common sense rules.

Ghost guns are homemade firearms that can be assembled without background checks.

According to the Brady Campaign, there are online kits, individual parts, and even some parts can be 3-D printed.

The makeshift firearms have been used in homicides and school shootings.

Kaul said, “These should be regulated as firearms under federal law, but the Supreme Court will consider those arguments a little earlier this year in the Supreme Court term that just wrapped up. The court threw out a ban on bump stocks, and so I'm certainly concerned that the court may throw out this common sense regulation, but we're going to keep fighting it.”

This comes as the Supreme Court just overturned the Chevron Doctrine, which cuts back the power of subject matter experts and leaves decisions up to the courts.

Kaul says this could come into play with ghost gun regulation.

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