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Northland Pines Policy Committee considers changing rules for public participation at school board meetings

Katie Thoresen/WXPR

The Northland Pines policy committee is considering changing the rules for public participation at school board meetings to limit interruptions and focus comments on published agenda items.

A lot of people attending recent meetings have questioned critical race theory and a required reading that included explicit sexual descriptions.

Board member Jeff Shenk said “something has to change” and suggested public comments be moved from the start of the meeting to the end.

Shenk also suggested limiting participation to people who live in the school district.

District administrator Scott Foster supports keeping public comments as part of the agenda.

“If people take the time to come to the meetings in person, they should be given a chance to address the board,” he said.

However, Foster also said there could be time limits to stop the meetings from running too long.

Foster agreed to continue investigating options and have it on a future agenda.

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