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Drivers need to start thinking about sharing the road with busses with the start of school getting closer

The school year is less than a month away from beginning, which means school buses will soon be on the road.

Kids are considered safe while riding a school bus, but accidents involving a school bus are all too common in the Badger State.

Especially early in the school year after summer where drivers didn't have to worry about sharing the road with them.

The Wisconsin State Patrol and WisDOT say that buses themselves are one of the safest vehicles on the road.

It's the other drivers that people would need to worry about. Over 10,000 buses get kids to and from school all across the state.

Last year there were over 600 crashes involving a bus and 85 injuries were reported.

Luke Turner, the Sergeant of the State Patrol North Central Region simply wants everyone to know kids need to stay safe.

"Just use extra caution around school buses and those kinds of vehicles. Anywhere children are going to be around, just be extra careful," Turner said.

Turned added that there have been a lot of incidents where driver's pass a school bus illegally, which isn't just dangerous, but expensive.

Illegal maneuvers around a school bus can lead to a citation and a fine of over $300.

Turner also said to be sure to pay attention when those buses have their stop sign extended out. Passing a stopped bus is one of the leading causes of injuries, or worse.

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