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Update: Furnace issue caused students, staff members and emergency workers become ill at Crandon schools

School District of Crandon Facebook
School District of Crandon Facebook

Update: The Forest County Sheriff's Office says a problem with a furnace caused illness reported Thursday at the Crandon School District Building.

The building was evacuated after students and staff members became ill.

The Oneida County HazMat and Wausau HazMat Teams were requested by the Forest County Sheriff’s Office to assist.

Oneida and Wausau Hazmat determined it was a mechanical issue with the furnace that created elevated levels of Carbon Monoxide inside the school.

Area hospitals were contacted and it was reported 39 patients received medical attention related to this event at the Crandon School.

Of the 39 patients, two had reported elevated levels of Carbon Monoxide.

Classes and school events for the Crandon School District were canceled for Friday.

The School District reports it is making an active effort to make the school safe and rectify the situation to open campus for classes.


Authorities are working to figure out what made some students, staff members and even emergency responders sick at the Crandon Schools.

The Forest County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Crandon Elementary Thursday reporting that 2 students and 1 staff member had become ill with the same type of symptoms and taken to the hospital.

They had not been in contact with each other.

Students were taken outside to reduce any possible exposure.

The Crandon Fire Department checked the building and did not locate any harmful gasses.

Forest County K9 officers were sent to check the building as well but didn’t find any illegal substances.

While the building was being checked, 1 more student and 4 more staff members became ill on the Middle/High school side of the building.

Two EMS workers also began experiencing symptoms.

Oneida County HAZMAT was called in to help.

Symptoms to watch for include lightheadedness, tingling, numbness in extremities, shortness of breath, slurred speech and rapid heartbeat.

The Forest County Sheriff’s Office says If you or your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, please seek medical assistance.

In a Facebook Post, the Forest County Sheriff’s Office said classes and school events in Crandon had been canceled for Friday.

John Burton is the WXPR Morning Edition Host.
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