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A "Loon Fallout" may see one of Wisconsin's most popular birds stranded where they don't belong

Cow looks over a loon
Raptor Education Group
Cow looks over a loon

Loons making emergency landings this week may wind up in places they don’t belong.

The Raptor Education Group says it appears a Loon Fallout occurred.

That’s when birds migrating at high altitude pick up ice on their bodies.

That adds weight and interferes with the loon’s ability to fly, causing them to crash land.

If they end up on the ground or in a small water body, they won’t be able to get back in the air.

They need a quarter mile of open water to take off.

The Raptor Education Group says they’ve had reports of loons down in areas around central and northern Wisconsin.

Loons can be difficult to handle.

They have sharp beaks and use the beak for defense. You can cover them with a blanket to contain them.

You can transport them in a rubbermaid container with air holes in the top.

Please put towels on the bottom of the container or box to cushion their V shaped keel and prevent injury.

Call REGI at 715-623-4015 or Loon Rescue at 715-966-5415 for advice.

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