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32nd Annual Energy Fair focused on clean energy and sustainable living

Several federal laws passed last year are helping make renewable energy more accessible.

“We are in this, what I’ve been calling, a golden hour of opportunity within the clean energy realm,” said Celia Sweet, the Engagement Director for Midwest Renewable Energy Association.

The Inflation Reduction Act, the bi-partisan infrastructure law, and the CHIPS Act all contain credits and different opportunities for people to add clean energy to their lives in a more affordable way.

“Whether you’re looking at buying an electric vehicle, putting something into your household, investing in energy efficiency if you’re someone who rents, there are so many opportunities available right now that have not been available to us,” said Sweet.

The Energy Fair, hosted by Midwest Renewable Energy Association, gives people a chance to learn about the latest renewable energy technology available and what might work best for their life.

There are various workshops, exhibitors, keynote speakers, and demonstrations.

Topics range from how to live off-grid to best practices for reducing waste.

“There are all of these small pieces that lead to this big overarching festival. To sum this up quickly, wherever you’re at in your sustainability journey the fair has something to match you where you are and take you to the next step depending on what that looks like for you,” said Sweet.

Sweet says the fair typically draws in more than 11,000 attendees.

This year they’ve also seen a large increase in exhibitors and people and groups offering workshops.

She says that’s a good sign after much of the industry was hit hard by supply chain issues and other economic challenges.

“I just think we’re really primed for an incredible couple of years for the environment and clean energy,” she said.

There will also be live music, kids activities, and food trucks.

The Energy Fair is this Friday through Sunday in Custer, Wisconsin.

You can learn more about it at theenergyfair.org.

Katie Thoresen is WXPR's News Director/Vice President.
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